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Ninebot One S2

More than trendy

Ninebot One S2 provides thousands of dazzling lighting effects, which can be set as required via your Ninebot app, making a fashion statement on the road, while showing the battery’s status with different colors.

Dual battery compartments

Ninebot One S2 is equipped with two batteries,
one on the left side and one on the right.
The vehicle still functions when one battery is removed to suit your speed and mileage requirements.

Single battery

Maximum speed is
Maximum mileage is
Vehicle net weight is

Smart battery management system (BMS)

BMS monitors the status of each cell in the vehicle,
minimising faults and guaranteeing that the battery is safe and protected.
These features work in conjunction with a power-off mode that includes an alarm function.

Powerful with superior capability

The max speed of the S2 tops out at an impressive 30 km/h or 18.64 m/h depending on road conditions or the weight of the rider.  The output power of the motor can reach 500W. With Ninebot’s advanced sine wave inverter technology.
The body is slim at 18 cm, and great for meeting your need for speed.

Safety first

Mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrung und über 400 Patente der Segway & Ninebot Group kümmern sich darum, dass Sie Ihr Ziel sicher erreichen. Deshalb ist der ONE S2 mit diversen Sicherheitsfeatures ausgestattet.

  • Speed-Limit-Alarm (?)
  • Warnung bei schwachem Akkustand
  • Platzsichere Bereifung
  • Warnung bei zu großer Gewichtsbelastung
  • Battery Management System (?)
  • Automatischer Safety-Check beim Einschalten
  • Rutschfeste Pedale
  • Beginner-Modus in der Smartphone-App
  • Abgestimmte Sensorik
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