Innovative Technology 2016-01-22T11:31:31+00:00

World class innovative technologies were used in designing of Ninebot. Each vehicle has an internal network of sensors, mechanical components and highly sophisticated control software. This includes five digital gyroscopes and sensors checking the balance of Ninebot one hundreds times a second. The balance control system adjusts the Ninebot preventing the rider from tipping over.

For additional safety, each vehicle control mechanism has a back up device in case of the primary one fails.

The Ninebot was tested on 490 types of surfaces and was subjected to going though various obstacles to check its durability and reliability. It has passed the high quality tests in each tested areas and conditions (including difficult weather and terrain conditions).

95 safety tests were carried out during which various components’ malfunctions were simulated in order to ensure that Ninebot is safe to use in any situation.