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Visuals beauty and technology Innovation shine

The new model highlights the beauty of industrial design. Technology and innovation make the driving experience more free. i-ROBOT is more than an invention in the development of human history: it is more of a brand-new art of artificial intelligence which translates traveling concepts into something most intelligent, fashionable, safe and energy-saving.

Top configuration

Ultra-high sensibility: the five built-in precision gyroscopes increase the sensitivity of the car and sense the driver’s position more accurately.

Long duration: two large-capacity lithium batteries increase the trip distance considerably. It can be recharged for more than 1000 times and has a useful life of 3-5 years.



<0.1° platform tilt perception

The built-in precision gyroscope can accurately sense the car’s positions. After the high-speed CPU worked out a proper command, it drives the servo-motor to achieve balance control. The driver only has to bend or recline the body to change the positions, so as to make the car move forward or back up accordingly, and the speed is in direct proportion to the degree of the inclination.


0 human body online monitoring with zero response delay

Eight CPUs support control by the gyroscope system. Coupled with the proprietary intelligent workload detection technique, it realizes zero delay between driving control and car response and provides instant response.


zero turning radius and free passage of small spaces

Every model has a zero turning radius that is capable of spot turning, making it easy to negotiate even a cramped environment.


safe velocity and long duration

Large capacity batteries provide mighty power. The intelligent speed limit function is safer. The durable lithium battery does not produce any tail gas and is energy-efficient.


Bluetooth 4.0 remote control

You can use a bluetooth 4.0-supporting smart phone to start & stop the car, and be kept updated about the electric quantity, speed, mileage, faults, histories and APP functions.


Anti-theft lock

Each car is equipped with a piece of encoding’s control keys, if someone moves the body, the car body vibration, while tire lock.

Trajectory query

At any time to consult the current position of the target, and all the action within 60 days. If found the vehicle is lost, you can quickly find where the vehicle (error accuracy of 10 meters), and can be remote control shutdown and lock.

Electronic fence

Can be set up from the shape of a circular fence alarm, if the location of the target to leave or enter the fence area, you can send a warning to your mobile phone.

Fall car alarm

Imported electric core ultra high technology, high efficiency temperature control, balanced power supply, stability and durability stronger. 48V/6.0Ah, double tyres with a motor.


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