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Fancy a Smarter Commute? Choose Ninebot

Ninebot is the leader in the 21st Century’s new hype of Personal Transportation (electric segways). It’s battery-powered emission-free engine combined with the latest Bluetooth connection technology makes you feel connected in every way. A fusion of sophisticated software and several highly mechanical components, Ninebot boasts a simple, intuitive riding experience!

Nino Robotics UK – Nino Robotics Official UK

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Ninebot One Segway

Style, Speed, Swag. Be Different. Introducing Ninebot’s most innovative unicycle ever.

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Ninebot Mini Pro Segway

A Smart Mini Segway with knee control, boasts elegance yet simplicity – undoubtedly a head turner!

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Ninebot Elite Segway

The King of the Road. A premium built off-roader which will certainly rock your ride, whatever the terrain.

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 Nano Mobility Wheelchair

EcoRobotics Innovative One

The ergonomic solutions were applied to the Ninebot to achieve maximum comfort and ease of use. It hardly takes up any space to store it.

Nino Robotics official

A fun, fast and reliable mode of transport in cities or the country side. Great value to ride – never think of the price of fuel again.

Nino Robotics uk

Ninebot is the first in the world  self balancing personal transportation vehicle. Although this sounds unbelievable, everything becomes clear when Read More
World Class innovative technologies were used in designing of Ninebots. Each vehicle has an internal network of sensors, mechanical components and highly sophisticated control softwere. Read More